Mike and Jody Malterre

Get expert parenting and teaching knowledge, advice, and training from certified Positive Discipline Trainers Jody and Mike Malterre. As a team, we offer a myriad of skills for schools and businesses, with over 40 combined years of experience.

Here are just a few of the services we offer:

  • Parenting classes
  • One on One Parent Coaching
  • Teacher Training and Curriculum Development
  • School accreditation
  • Employee hiring, orientation, and staff development
  • School Building and Design
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“I have taken these positive disciple parenting classes several times and each time I become a better parent. As my children grow and change new challenges are presented and the learning from these courses applies in new and effective ways.”
Andrea R.
“Parenting… the toughest job you will ever love! Mike’s classes will give you the tools to navigate through the ups and downs of parenting with ease keeping parents sane and kids happier and better behaved!”
Bonnie S.
“The tools I learned at this class have been instrumental in creating the kind of environment that my daughter can thrive and enjoy in. As my child grows, demands change and I’ve enjoyed retaking the class for new perspective.”
John V.
“You have enabled me to walk calmly and think rationally (most of the time) through this free-for-all-no-holds-barred-emotional-roller-coaster of a life phase called “parenthood” I appreciate you, Mike, Jody, and Marti, for all of the time and support you have provided over the years. I know our family is stronger because of your presence in our lives.”
Lee S.


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