MAEd, Positive Discipline Trainer

With 21 years of experience in Montessori education, I bring creative energy to classrooms and schools with fresh ideas for student work, mini workshops for teachers, and helpful observations of instructors. Having owned and operated three schools in Boise for 18 years, I also have much to offer in administrative and management areas. My enthusiasm and innovative ideas stem from a variety of roles in education and parenting, including: Montessori Teacher Trainer at Westminster College, school owner/administrator, Montessori Elementary II teacher, public speaker, public school teacher, and parent. I hold an MAEd in Montessori Education, a BS in psychology, and Montessori certificates for ages 3-6 and 6-12. I am also a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer for both teachers and parents, and currently serve on the Board of Directors for the Positive Discipline Association.  I am on fire for quality education and have a very firm grasp on the entire scope and sequence of the Montessori curriculum for ages 3 through 12. I live in Boise with my husband and two teenage daughters.

Jody’s Skills

– Classroom observations for Montessori teachers
– Customized workshops for Montessori teachers
– Curriculum planning for Montessori teachers
– Consultant for innovative, integrated, and effective student work
– Scope and sequence planning for Montessori schools
– Workshops for parents about Montessori education/curriculum
– Workshops for preschool teachers and assistant teachers
– Childcare facility consultations
– Staff development
– Administrative support
– Positive Discipline classes
– Visits for setting up age-appropriate home environments
– Teacher training
– Curriculum development