Based on the book Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson

As a Positive Discipline-certified instructor, Mike enjoys bringing a little peace and sanity to families in need. He shares the teaching duties with Kellie Stanley and Jody Malterre, also certified instructors, to broaden the approach for many different styles of people. This class is very hands-on and seems best for the emotional learners among us. In class we discuss the reading for the week, go over brain research and strategies and discuss what is happening in your families now. It is a very fun and supportive environment with lots of examples so you know you are not alone in what you may be experiencing.

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Based on the book Raising Self-Reliant Children In A Self-Indulgent World by Stephen Glenn

This class is for men only. This format lends itself to logical/analytical learners and is very big-picture approach to parenting and all human relations. You will be amazed at how much it will help you with your co-workers, neighbors, spouse/partner, as well as your kids. We watch videos each night featuring Stephen Glenn. We have been known to have pizza and beverages show up while we kick back and figure this parenting thing out. It is usually uncensored and hilarious.

Based on the book Raising Self Reliant Children in a Self Indulgent World by Stephen Glenn

This is the same class as the Men’s Class, we just make it co-ed. The Positive Discipline book and the Raising Self-Reliant Children books were meant to be taught together in a 20 week course. Most won’t sign up for 20 weeks these days, so we split them up. It is very important to have both classes to get the whole picture. This class might appeal more to a logical/analytical learner, while Positive Discipline is more of a emotional learning style, but both are needed for all. It is most effective to take the class that fits your learning style first. It is not gender related, but rather more a function of learning style. As this class watches an hour of videos per night and discusses for 1 to 1 1/2 hours, consider whether your style is conducive to taking this in.

Children, playing puzzles at home

Based on the book Siblings Without Rivalry by Faber and Mazlish

The name says it all, and you too can enjoy fewer arguments and more cooperation. This class meets for three weeks and will address pertinent topics including: roles, comparisons, competition, and fighting. You will take away numerous strategies to create the harmony your entire family deserves. You will learn when to get involved and when to stay out of sibling challenges. We will also discuss the nature of sibling relationships and how we can help foster present and future relationships among your children.

Children, playing puzzles at home

Based on the book How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk by Faber and Mazlish

This three-week class is a must for all parents and teachers. Come learn effective listening and encouragement strategies. Find alternatives to punishment and learn how to dissipate struggles with children. Finally, help your children learn how to deal with their feelings to open up their willingness to talk to you.

I am always looking for more topics for families in need. Family meetings have been suggested as a topic and may come to fruition soon. Other suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

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