Workshops for Parents and Teachers (2 Hours)


Connection Before Correction: Balancing Kindness with Firmness

It is common to find ourselves as teachers or parents letting children get away with too much all in the name of being “nice” or “fun.”  Then we lean toward toughening up because we need to be stricter and set boundaries. We often swing back and forth between the two, leaving kids confused about limits.  Being Kind and Firm are not mutually exclusive. In fact, together they are the most effective strategy for modeling mutual respect between ourselves and our kids or students.  

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Understanding the Mistaken Goal Behind Misbehavior

Children don’t come with manuals and their behavior can often catch us off guard.  We are capable, knowledgeable adults, and yet in the moment we can freeze up. Often in these times we resort to yelling, bribing, nagging, or giving in, only to find that we resent our actions later.  This class will give you a tool that operates a bit like a manual for dealing with kids. Most misbehavior comes down to 4 reasons. Behind those reasons is a belief that makes those actions worth it to the child.  If parents and teachers can understand the belief, we are better equipped to not only stop the behavior in the moment, but also prevent it from happening in the future.

(*Approved Idaho Stars class)

Effective Family or Classroom Meetings

One of the strongest ways we can empower children is through the use of weekly family meetings, or daily classroom meetings. Children learn how to listen, respect differences, verbalize appreciations, problem solve focusing on solutions, and experience how mistakes are wonderful opportunities to learn. This class will offer some suggestions for getting started and how to scaffold in additional layers for long term success.

Helping Children Develop Self-Regulation Skills

As parents and teachers, chances are you have seen a tantrum or two. It’s hard not to melt down ourselves in those moments. Self-regulation is something we all must do on a daily basis. Today’s children especially need this skill in a fast paced, screen-based world. It is never too early to begin modeling and teaching self-regulation strategies to children. This workshop shares how regulation is linked to executive functioning and is a crucial step for developing empathy for others as well. The workshop includes many practical ideas for the home and classroom and is rooted in relevant current brain research.

Effective Encouragement: Beyond “Good Job!”

Many teachers and parents want to encourage and empower children to reach their fullest potential.  “Good job” and “I am so proud of you” aren’t necessarily going to inspire resilient, confident children that see mistakes as opportunities to learn.  This class will offer some new insights into effective encouragement that will dig much deeper than external positive evaluation and help our children develop a growth mindset.  

(*Approved Idaho Stars class)

Making Agreements and Following Through

One of the best strategies we can use to get cooperation from kids is to make agreements with them, not for or at them.  Often, we think we are making an agreement, but in reality we are actually making demands.  Making agreements involves mutual understanding, emotional honesty, brainstorming, communication, and sometimes a little humor.  Then comes the hard part – the follow through! How can we do this with dignity for all parties involved? We will learn 4 steps for effective follow through.

(*Approved Idaho Stars class)

Positive Discipline Tools Review

Parents and teachers need many resources in their “tool box” to work with children.  Each child, each situation and each adult will do best if we use a variety of tools. Often, when we feel under pressure, we react and simply fall back on our usual approaches.  The philosophy of Positive Discipline offers many strategies. However, sometimes after taking a class we feel excited, yet overwhelmed with too much new knowledge. This class will review some of the main tools we can use and discuss what to apply and when.  Folks who have had a Positive Discipline course before will find this workshop familiar. Newcomers are welcome too, though might feel a bit lost at times - no worries, it will be a nice overview of Positive Discipline.  

(*Approved Idaho Stars class)